“Good morning, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we have had our Duvet on our bed for a week or better now and it is incredible. We knew that it would be light weight and warm but had no idea how luxurious it would be to sleep under. It’s absolutely beautiful and we get such a great nights sleep.
We can’t wait to have more made to have in our shop and on our website.
Thanks again and we’ll be in touch.”
Bart and Janet Petley

“Wow!!! My husband had asked me if an alpaca duvet was really going to be better than the one we had (silk). To be honest, I was basing my assumption off the fact that my alpaca socks are my utmost favourites and the alpaca bath mat has been better than any traditional one I’ve ever had. So why would a duvet not be, right? Well, after a long week waiting I can with certainty say that by far this is the nicest duvet and was the best purchase I’ve made!! I’m thrilled with how comfortable we both were using it. The ability to regulate between someone who’s always cold next to someone who’s hot, is nothing short of a miracle!! I wanted to express my utmost thanks for your skills and to the alpacas for their amazing wool.”

“My husband and I love our duvet. We have had ours for over 2 years and it is still as good as new.”
Janice, Sunderland ON

“Hi, I’m very interested in buying two of your duvets, not only due to the quality of the product but also because they are ethically sourced. Your alpacas are obviously much loved, and the shearing process seems very humane. I know that I and my family will sleep comfortably and guilt-free under our Salem Alpaca duvets.”
Thank you ! Cindy, Burlington ON (purchased a queen and a double).

“I am so totally happy with my duvet. I’ve had it now for 4 years and I use it ALMOST every season, because its next to NO weight but “oh so comfy” to sleep under. Only time its off the bed is mid-summer and then my wife and I take advantage to send it in for dry cleaning. My wife and I also sell them in our farm store and they promote the animal’s fleece that we’re so proud of,  at Gold Star Alpacas, in Tillsonburg.”
Rick & Jerra Anderson
Gold Star Alpacas
Tillsonburg, Ontario
“Foundations in Breeding, Standards in Excellence”

“Salem Alpacas Handmade Duvets are the perfect wedding present, I have given many and they are always very much appreciated.”
Nancy C.,  Elginburg, ON

“We have been selling and using Salem Alpacas Handmade duvets for many years now. We have been very happy with the quality and consistency of these duvets. Truly a year round duvet.”
Kristi M,  Bellwood, ON

“An alpaca duvet from Salem Alpacas is a quality investment. They are crafted with attention to detail and provide wonderful warmth with little weight. I recommend them highly.”
Jane M.,  Haliburton, ON

“I love my duvet, it is light weight yet warm and really comfortable. I use it year round.”
Janet W.,  Barrie, ON

“My wife and I love our duvet! It was a big surprise to Laurie at Christmas and we’ve enjoyed it ever since. Thank you so much for your great service and prompt delivery. Cheers”

“I find my 100% alpaca duvet the ultimate in comfort especially in comparison to my old down duvet. It perfectly moderates my body temperature, keeping me warm in winter and cool in summer without getting overheated.”
Judy, Aurora, Ontario

“It is total warmth with a minimum of weight. We don’t need the layers of quilts that we did before.”
Roy, Kitchener, Ontario

“Our furnace went off during the cold spell and the duvet kept us warm throughout the entire night. I also like that it is light as well as warm.”
Bernie, Oshawa, Ontario

“The alpaca is perfect for my husband and me – it seems to regulate our temperatures well – he is hot and I am cold, but we are both very comfortable under it. We have had all sorts of other bedding combos, including down, but the alpaca beats them all.”

“My husband needs only a light blanket, but I was using the one he uses plus two other blankets folded in half, since we have moved and heat with gas, we turn the heat down at night. Now all I need is the comfort of the duvet on my side and my half of his blanket on top. I really appreciated the prompt delivery also.”

“We have 3 alpaca duvets and are able to leave our windows ajar all winter for fresh air.”
J. O’Neill

“We purchased a duvet in 2007 and I love it ! It is warm and light and doesn’t shift. I also knit with alpaca yarn which is a pleasure to work with and a joy to wear.”